Tire hydraulic burst test chamber

Foto the tires hydrolic test chamber

The company “Techprom” caried out the project to design and supply the tire hydraulic burst test chamber at one of TITAN tires companies in 2017. This test chamber is used to evaluate tire resistance to internal pressure. The tire hydrolic test chamber consists of the chamber itself and the hydro station.The test chamber is a welded metal structure with sliding doors to put a tire inside.

The main tire hydraulic burst test chamber characteristics are as follows:

   – impact resistance metal structure with sliding doors;
   – injected pressure range (6-16 bars);
   –  type of tires to be tested (agricultural );
   – recording of received data (test time, water pressure inside of tires, etc.) for further archiving;
   – automatic system and data recovery after power failures;
   – local network integration for dispatching (ProfiNet, ProfiBas, etc.).