Fluid temperature automatic control system upgrade in calender rolls

Foto temperature control system

The company “Techprom” caried out the project to upgrade the fluid temperature automatic control system for the calender rolls at one of the tire companies of TITAN in 2016.
The temperature control system is a complex of equipment, consisting of the various parts for functional purposes, which are as follows:

   – fluid preparation unit (water distillator);
   – fluid heating and cooling unit (temperature control units),
   – fluid feeding unit.

This system introduction allowed:
   – to reduce maintenance and repair work cost;
   – to reduce consumed resources cost (water, steam) due to the fluid (distilled water) closed circulating cycle;
   – to improve work safety;
   – to avoid the human factor when the fluid temperature automatic control system operating (thermal regulation);
   – to avoid emergency at the process of calender rolls operating due to a sudden fluid temperature drop;
   – to maintain automatically the fluid temperature for a given interval and, thus, to improve the final product quality (rubberized textile cord, chefer, hermetic layer);
   – to reduce time for equipment start up at low temperatures by maintaining the constant necessary temperature in case when the calender is turned off.