Rubber covering machine


Rubber covering machines are designed for rolls to be covered with rubber which are used in printing, textile, woodworking, pulp and paper, chemical, metallurgical industries, etc.
Various designed machines (equipment, installation) allow to apply rubber coating in the following ways:


  • rolls lining with calendered rubber sheets of the right size;
  •  rolls spiral lining with a rubber band of a different width feeding from a coil at the given angle;
  •  hot rubber strip lining of different sizes feeding from the extruder.

After rubber applying, you can use the same machine (equipment, unit) or a special wrapping machine and a cord crimping unit for the thicker coating to guarantee tighter pressing and complete air removal.
The vulcanized rubberized roller can be additionally processed to the outer diameter, cutting off excessive rubber and should be grinded properly to ensure the highest surface quality.

You can obtain more detailed information about the rubber covering equipment and the cost of manufacture from our specialists upon request.