Machine for wire and cord rewinding

Designed for rewinding wire and cord from hank to drums, as well as for rewinding cord from the hoses after vulcanization – to the drum.

The rewinding of the wire and cord is carried out on the machine as follows – the hank is  installed on the rotation table, where the end of the wire (or cord) is tucked into the leveling unit and the measuring wheel. Then, through the pickup roller, the material is fixed on the drum flange. Rewinding is started from the control panel, and the wire or cord is unwound from the hank, braked in the straightening unit with a length measurement, and then superimposed on the drum with a certain step.

The machine can also rewind the cord from drum to drum.

The machine is controlled by one operator from the control panel.

The machine has a lock, which excludes the spontaneous inclusion of its mechanisms when voltage appears in the network, and protection against overloads during operation.