Rubber hoses production (rigid mandrel)

The following operations can be performed on this machine: applying rubber and rubberized fabric, applying a wire spiral, crimping with a bandage and a cord, unbinding and unlacing. It is possible to provide additional functionality in accordance with the technological tasks of our customers. Thus, equipment for the manufacture of industrial rubber hoses (pipelines) can be adapted to the necessary production tasks of our customers.
The variability of the equipment design allows to produce industrial rubber hoses (pipelines) of the following sizes:



  • diameter – 18 ÷ 72 mm, length — 40…60 m;
  • diameter – 32 ÷ 100 mm, length — up to 20 m;
  • diameter – 50 ÷ 150 mm, length 12 m.
  • diameter – 100 ÷ 1420 mm, length 12 m.


The control system of the hose assembly machine is built based on a modern programmable logic controller according to a specially designed control program. The control system allows:

  • set and control the position and speed of rotation of the mandrel and carriage;

  • set and control the position of the carriage;

  • set the assembly parameters of the industrial hose with the possibility of saving as a step-by-step recipes the assembly of the hoses of various sizes, with the possibility of their subsequent execution (set the length of the hose for applying the material, the diameter of the winding, the step of applying the material, the variable step with flanges, the direction of winding of the material, the tension of materials and other).


In conjunction with the hose assembly equipment for organizing an industrial site for the production of industrial hoses (pipelines), Techprom LLC develops and supplies a wire and cord rewinder, a bandage rewinder, and a removal machine.