Hydro test station

Foto hydro test stand

The hydro test stand consists of the chamber and the test station itself and designed to perform 2 basic types of hoses tests – nondestructive and destructive tests. Leak tests and volumetric expansion tests are referred to the first type. And burst tests are referred to the second type of hoses testing.



The main hydro test stand characteristics are as follows:

  • impact resistance metal structure;
  • injected pressure range – up to 100 bars;
  • recording of received data (test time, water pressure inside the hose, etc.) for further archiving;
  • automatic system and data recovery after power failures;
  • local network integration for dispatching (ProfiNet, ProfiBas, etc.).

It is important to know that the hydro test stand design and its technical characteristics depend on the rubber hoses type and the testing technology described above.
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